A full-service corporate administration solution for standalone companies, or complex, multi-entity /asset class structures. Your highly-skilled LGL team, of accountants, lawyers, secretaries, and compliance professionals, develops a deep understanding of your businesses in order to support your corporate goals. With our multijurisdictional reach, we have developed a streamlined process for forming entities across borders, adopting the highest standards of compliance with the goal of delivering optimal tax-efficiency as your business grows.

Client Feedback

On behalf of our firm, I wish to express my gratitude for the enthusiasm, professionalism and old-fashioned sense of duty that best describe our relationship with LGL. I love your innovative approach to creating solutions and your eagerness to do the right thing in the right way

Types of structures administered by LGL include:

  • holding companies
  • financing / debt structures
  • joint ventures, reorganisations and refinancing
  • investment club and private fund structures
  • co-investment and carry structures

Corporate Accounting Services

LGL’s excellence in accounting is a vital asset in your business’s ongoing success. With detailed knowledge of jurisdictional regulatory standards, we remove friction from your pathway to growth, while providing timely, accurate record-keeping to keep every stakeholder in your business aligned.

Multi-jurisdictional SPV establishment

Quickly and efficiently establish companies, partnerships, cell entities, foundations and trusts, and shape your organisation around your corporate goals. Services include collating of all AML documentation, onboarding, bank account opening and corporate structuring.

Director Services & Corporate Governance

LGL’s directors have first-hand experience of corporate business, delivering the highest standards of management and control to your organisation. Our tailored corporate governance service ensures we can deal with one-off transactions as well as the ongoing timely delivery of information to stakeholders.

Financial & Regulatory Reporting

Monthly quarterly management accounts, tailored to individual client’s needs, and tax and regulatory reporting as required under CRS and FATCA.

Alan Dunphy

Head of Corporate & Executive Incentives

Our Corporate Services team focus on building long term relationships by developing a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses and by delivering a high quality cost effective service.