LGL’s incentives division delivers specialism and expertise in this distinct area of corporate administration. This includes a professional trustee service, for clients who wish to operate a standard employee share trust, or for use as a warehousing vehicle for private or portfolio companies. As uniquely independent, commercial partners, LGL takes a pragmatic approach to meeting clients’ requirements, recommending brokers, plan administrators and bankers, free from commercial interest, based exclusively on the client’s goals.

Client Feedback

ERS recently engaged the LGL executive incentives team to establish an EBT and to help execute certain share transactions. I was most pleased with the support provided – very responsive, demonstrated expert knowledge and helped to ensure that the corporate objectives were met. All delivered in a friendly fashion.

Executive Incentives Administration Services

  • These services can be provided in conjunction with a number of different share plans.
  • Employee share trusteeship
  • Warehousing and provision of an internal market for private companies
  • Nominee services
  • Carried interest administration

Share Plan Types LGL Deal With

  • International savings plans 
  • Long term incentive plans
  • Global purchase plans
  • Approved and unapproved option plans
  • Joint share ownership plans
  • Restricted stock plans
  • Deferred bonus plans
  • Employee ownership trusts

Accounting Services

LGL’s excellence in accountancy makes it simpler to issue employee incentives. With detailed regulatory understanding, and valuable cultural insight on different jurisdictions, we help businesses find the most suitable, tax-efficient structures for rewarding their teams.

Alan Dunphy

Head of Corporate & Executive Incentives

The Executive Incentives division at LGL is highly experienced, technical and commercial and is well positioned to cater for all requirements a corporate may have in the incentives space.