LGL brings unrivalled expertise to every stage of fund management administration: from setting up new funds, to maintaining complex, multijurisdictional structures. Specialising in investment holding, rather than trading, we have first-hand experience of alternative asset classes such as real estate, debt, growth equity, private equity, and infrastructure. As well as safeguarding the integrity and tax efficiency of your fund, we collaborate with your promoters, investor groups, regulators, counterparties, and advisors, becoming valued partners in your fund’s success.

Client Feedback

We have built a long standing relationship with the team at LGL which is based on professionalism and trust. They are a true business partner and an integral part of our business from which we benefit significantly.

Fund Services

  • Establishment of Jersey Private Funds
  • Provision of Designated Service Provider for Jersey Private Funds
  • Provision of experienced asset specialist directors
  • Acting as manager on Jersey property unit trusts and provision of trustee services
  • AIFM and Manco Services in conjunction with our preferred independent partner
  • Substance infrastructure services
  • Fund transfer services
  • Transaction management services
  • Provisions of company secretarial and corporate governance services
  • Carry/JV establishment and administration services

Funds Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Preparation of budgets, cash flows and tailored financial reporting information for investment holding and development structures
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and tailored periodic reporting under accounting principles appropriate to your structure: UK GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS, and Lux GAAP
  • Completion of Luxembourg VAT and Corporate Tax, UK VAT, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), Non-Resident Landlord (NRL), and regulatory reporting, including reporting required under the FATCA and CRS
  • AIFMD Annex IV reportings
  • Bespoke Investor reporting
  • NAV Calculations
  • Capital Call Statements
  • Carried Interest Calculations
  • Waterfall calculations
  • Tax reporting
  • ESG reporting

Fund Establishment

Our experience in diverse fund entities simplifies the establishment of new funds.


This includes corporate entities, partnerships, unit trusts, regulated funds, club/private deals, cell vehicles, co-investment entities and ‘carry’ structures.

Provision of Highly Experienced Directors

Proactive as well as supportive, our professionally qualified directors draw on experience in diverse asset classes to challenge and advise, and provide the best possible standard of service.

Corporate Governance

LGL’s robust governance infrastructure is a tried and tested asset in successful fund management.


With diligent record-keeping and timely production of board papers and minutes, we ensure our clients’ decision-making stands up to scrutiny from investors and regulators alike.

Accounting & Reporting

LGL’s excellence in accountancy is a vital asset in the smooth running of your fund, with financial statements, periodic reporting and investor records tailored to your needs. Across services such as NAV production, management and performance fee calculations, and carried interest calculations, our highly-qualified accountants’ timely, detailed accounting keeps managers, investors and regulators on the same page.