We strive to ensure our clients experience excellence in all aspects of our service and are well positioned to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Director Led

As an owner-managed firm, we have personal stakes in the provision of unsurpassed client service. Our directors lead the setup of bespoke services, tailored to clients’ needs, and retain responsibility for day-to-day running of client teams, and of their ongoing success.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our focus is on enhancing our clients’ businesses with highly skilled, experienced individuals. We take a motivated and committed approach to service delivery, we understand different client structures in detail, and we are diligent in meeting operational and reporting deadlines.

Commercial Partners

Beyond being trusted leaders in administration, we are valued partners in business. With detailed knowledge of our clients’ businesses and of their industries, we exceed clients’ expectations with a proactive and efficient service.

Uniquely Independent

As an independent service provider, we are unconstrained by commercial influence, allowing us to focus exclusively on our clients’ needs.

Technology Enhanced

Our solutions are supported by product-specific technology, enhancing the performance of our teams, and extending the boundaries of unrivalled service. By continuing to build best-in-class systems, we will maintain a comprehensive, best-in-class solution for LGL clients.

Our Approach

LGL’s service is tailored to deliver the greatest possible client value

This starts with our people. A team of highly-skilled professionals, of diverse specialisms, is built around your requirements. With commitment and dedication, we strengthen relationships with your advisors and collaborate to anticipate your needs. LGL’s service is enhanced by technology. Supported by best-in-class systems, our teams are empowered to deliver best-possible efficiency across every solution.

Our client base

LGL’s diverse client base includes sovereign entities, multi-national corporations, fund managers, high net-worth families, and private individuals. By delivering the same, consistent standard of service across every solution, LGL excels as a one-stop shop for clients’ needs.

Long-lasting relationships

Long-lasting relationships are the foundation of LGL’s service. Thanks to exceptionally low staff turnover, we become familiar and trusted partners to our clients, and with their professional advisors. This enables us to retain the deep understanding needed to anticipate our clients’ needs, and create unmatched customer value.


With operations in Jersey, Luxembourg and London, we have extensive experience of dealing with multijurisdictional structures for international clients.
We are also happy to coordinate third-party services in other jurisdictions.

Transparent service

LGL prides itself on transparency. Our clients have a clear understanding of our costs, and of the effectiveness of their investment.

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